Hi, I'm Valeria Beyone, an attractive and gorgeous black shemale with some fire running through my veins. Why fool you, I love to fuck like any other escort, and I do know it for my best customers, you will be?. So do not hesitate, find out a little bio about me and make an appointment to do the best fucking that you never had before. I'll leave you wanting more of me.

Name: Valeria Beyonce
Age: 22 yr. old
Foot: 39
Height: 175 cm.
Type of hair : Long with wicks.
Hair color : Brown
Eyes color : Blue
Skin: Tanned Skin, Black tranny
Boobs: 130
Meassurements: Athletic
Penis: 25 cm. x 6 of diameter
Ass: 102
Waist: 68

Phone number (Spain)

639 503 221

Phone number (Italy)

339 224 8126

Phone number (Sao Paulo)

011 8211-4915

Born in Rio de Janeiro, I'm a exotic and beauty tranny. I'm a black shemale, a "girl" with that huge something extra between my legs. I've 27 inches of pleasure. As you could imagine, I'm brasilian and I've everything that brasilian women can give to any man that are finding something different and special: horny tranny, attractive and naughty on the bed.

I'm international beauty with some awards like Ms. Spain 2008 on the shemale category. All my pictures are natural and truly real, there are done with many details for my best customers.

Out my job I have some and variety hobbies. I love cinema, romantic dating, beach, partying on clubs, shopping, dancing, and the most I like is having sex.

I can be your sin for one night, but you probably end-up addicted to me. My involvement is the best. Kisses from the black tranny. Do you want to play a little?.

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