If you feel really sexy and daring enough to come to fuck me (or be fucked by me), here I let you various way to do an appointment with me. I assure that if you to the end -if you decide to date me for my escort services of intense pleasure- you'll end-up hooked and apassionated for me. Guaranteed.

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Contact information
London, UK (actual location): +44 7380 306195
France #2 (actual location): +33 7 54 27 57 15
Phone Salvador Bahia: 071 93376717
Phone Sao Paulo: 011 99656-2743
Availability: 24 hours. Full availability.
Required: Make an appointment.

My services are available for your 24 hours. To come to my house there are some important requirements that make feel comfortable our date. I like gentlemen, neat, clean and healty. You'll bring at my house with cash and don't forget...come good horny.

If I'll do a sex delivery to your house, you must to confirm the hour and place of date. You must have to send me via SMS your phone number to call you later.

You can also contact me by email. You can see it just on the top of this section. If you want you can call me directly to my mobile number to do an appointment.

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