I'm sweet an delicate. Also, I'm spirited and vicious. As you can see I have everything that you would like to see on any professional escort. I'm a beautiful figure that can drag your attention, a golden brown barbie, I'm totally petite, extremely hot and I get 100% with a little stretch. I can fuck you or I can let you fuck me with all your desires. Are you the ideal men for this services?.


Sex delivery at home.
Threesomes with men and women.
Basic services (around 30 minutes)
Medium services (around 1 hour)
Events and parties.
Sexual orgies and liberal parties.
Long travels.
Attention to couples.
Sexual fetishes.
French kiss.

Sex a la carte

When I'm active, I can be really irresistible on the bed. Maybe I fuck you If you lower guard. You choose the position, the style and the time that you want to get it for play with me. My perfect sexual date is when you suck slowly all my body. Then, when I'm erected I get you on a doggystyle position to fuck you. I fuck you gently. Sex a la carte.

When I'm passive, I like have sucked and cleaned my ass. Then, I like to have one finger inside of my asshole, slowly but without pause. At the first, my ass is so shrunk abd I need playing a little before I start the action. After this, when I've my ass so greased, I love to start with a progressive action, first slow, and then, faster and harder, like a real man.

Expert on beginners

I like amateurmen who want to try an experience with me for sacious her curiosity. I know very well how to care them. I'm kind and I give them best services that I can offer. If you're a shy man, that are very excited for me but have a little fear of my big cock, don't worry, I hide it for the another appointment, as a elegant woman.Among beginners I've a lot of partners that have and heterosexual orientation. They want to fuck me because they like my delicious and beautiful ass.

Medium Services

I can be playful and naughty on any services. Medium services doesn't have mutual penetration. You have to make a choice: I fuck you, or you fuck me.

Full Services

A full service is completely differente. We take it patiely and we don't worried about the time. All that you want: french kiss, mutual penetration, necking and much more. All sorts of activities for seduct and exciting you.

Sexual Fetishes

In sado fetish I'm only and exclusively active. I love to

En Sado soy solamente y únicamente activa. I love giving orders like a real bad-girl. You will be afraid with me. I love give you some instructions and get you on a doggy-style position. I ca be dominant to see you eyaculate.

I'm a ''girl'' from the dark side. I love to practce all sorts fetishes with a man can imagine sometimes. I can do pissing, cumshots, scat and coprophilia. I'm so complete and so naughty. I also cater to a variety of fantasies such as role play. With me your dark fantasies come true.

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